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Our Story

Fresh and Fat is a place, where modern gastronomy and design come together. An informal place that will inspire you.

We are FRESH in today’s trends. We are FAT, because healthy fat is the carrier of taste. We are FRESH & FAT, a place where you will enjoy the food and encounter!

Where else at Anděl would you find a magical garden, where you forget about the city bustle? Where will you enjoy prints and photographs from the most famous contemporary artists? And what about the food? Light, colorful, sexy!

FRESH&FAT is your bistro around the corner ;)

Daily Menu

9.9 - 15.9


+420 777 744 009


Štefánikova 21

Praha 5


M - F 7:30 - 20:00
Sa - Su 9:00 - 20:00

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